Local Talent Scouting Startup, SkoutOwl partners with Bliimo Technologies Inc to develop its app and web platform.
September 19, 2019
Bliimo Technologies successfully signs Asian Terminals Inc.
September 19, 2019

Media Specialists Association of the Philippines
and Bliimo Tech partners to improve
“MPossible” experience.

Bliimo Technologies Inc. and Media Specialists Association of the Philippines (MSAP) teamed up to improve and enhance the MSAP delegates’ experience at the “M Possible” conference. The partnership would result in passing certain information to MSAP delegates completely easier. Specifically, Bliimo Tech aided in creating a mobile conference hub app where an MSAP delegate can ask questions, give comments, and rate speakers at the same time, allowing interaction with sponsors’ different booths and activities all throughout the event. Achieving this, both companies have found an innovative way to connect the overarching theme of media possibilities by bringing conferences to the next stage all in partnership with Bliimo Technologies Inc.